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You're here because you want to take your user story writing to the next level, develop your business further or ship better products with actual customer value? Or maybe you want to understand what all these people  talk about when they use the term "user stories"? This training will make user story writing a fun and collaborative activity again for you and your team. Your Scrum Team will be able to to maximise value and better manage the Product Backlog. If you are only starting out, then I will help you to start out right and take your knowledge to 88mph (in case you wonder what this guy means with 88mph - I am a die-hard Back To The Future fan and most of the time can't resist to at least give one reference to my favorite movie trilogy of all time)WELCOME TO THE "WRITE BETTER AGILE USER STORIES MASTERCLASS"After overwhelming reviews talking at Scrum Day Germany in 2019, which also featured Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland, I decided to pass on my experience and knowledge as an AGILE COACH to help teams succeed in writing better user stories. "We are really keen to use these techniques in our team. Especially the Product Owner was impressed." (Developer at Scrum Day Germany)WHAT SUPERPOWERS WILL YOU DEVELOP?Effortlessly write great user stories that result in higher user satisfactionBuild more successful products by focusing on customer valueHigher collaboration with your teamBecome more AgileDevelop lean thinking to scale your business and eliminate wasteWO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE?This course is targeted at those already working with user stories wanting to IMPROVE their skills . At the same time it provides basic knowledge for less experienced practitioners to kickstart their career and start writing great user stories.Product Owners - Improve ownership of your Product Backlog and maximise customer value for your productScrum Masters - Get to know techniques to coach the Product Owner, Development Team and Stakeholder how to deliver better user storiesBusiness Analysts / Stakeholders / Marketing Managers - Be able to efficiently communicate business requirements to the teamsDevelopers - Learn Story Splitting Techniques to split stories into customer-oriented chunks of functionality to be deliveredBusiness Owners - Understand how you can develop your business further by enabling your employees to succeed in Scrum or KanbanThis course is targeted at those already working with user stories wanting to IMPROVE their skills . At the same time it breaks down the basics for less experienced practitioners to kickstart their career and start writing great user stories.BECOME A USER STORY WRITING MASTERMIND - What is covered in this course?The Basics you may know:What is a user story?Get to know the INVEST PrincipleLean principlesStory Splitting Techniques (including one you definitely do not find anywhere)Acceptance CriteriasRelation to Definition of Ready and Definition of DoneSecrets and Advanced Stuff you may not know aboutThis is what they don't teach you in most courses online. It is based on my real-world experience as an Agile Coach.Why should you actually write user stories?When NOT to write user stories?CHALLENGES AND MISTAKES made when delivering user storiesPARETO PRINCIPLE how it will help you ship more customer valueHOW TO apply lean thinking while writing user storiesMapping INVEST principle against real world user story examples to find out when the INVEST principle is disregarded while writing user stories and how we can learn from thatSPLITTING USER STORIES based on real world examples from my professional background. How to avoid dependencies, not testable stories, too big items etc.The influence COMPONENT VS FEATURE TEAMS have on delivering customer value with user storiesIdentifying ways to help you become MORE AGILE and improve collaboration with your teamWHEN to use what STORY SPLITTING TECHNIQUE"Thanks for your great talk at Scrum Day Germany (2019) last week. The techniques will really help my team and I. (Conference Attendee at Scrum Day Germany)There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Who Am I?Hi, my name is Christopher and I am an Agile Coach. I used to work as a Product Owner, got lost in documents, was making loads of mistakes and wrong decisions. Then something changed. I transformed the way I look at user stories, adapted lean thinking and went on to build international eCommerce stores taking them from zero to six-figure revenue per month. I have been working full-time as an Agile Coach for the last few years and just love to empower individuals and teams to think agile and build customer-oriented solutions. Transform the way you write user stories now and - Last Back To The Future reference I swear - let this course be your flux capacitor to start writing your future.

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