Become an Expert in Chemistry, Reaction Rates & Equilibrium

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Chemistry fundamentals -Have you ever wondered what affects the rate of a chemical reaction or about chemical equilibrium? Do you find chemistry confusing and want to start from the basics and fundamentals in Chemistry? Do you have a Chemistry Test or Chemistry Exam coming up and need help understanding the basics of Chemistry? Are you in high school or a secondary school or do you wish to student chemistry, pharmacy, biology, nursing, engineering at University but have trouble with General Chemistry? By taking this course, I can help you become a master in Chemistry and pass that Chemistry Exam or Test. Dont let your fear of Chemical Science hold you back, Do not worry if you have very little knowledge of Chemistry, we will go through the basics and build your knowledge in Chemistry. The contents of this chemistry coursewill help improve your understanding andgrade in any chemistry test or exam related to chemical equilibrium and the rates of a chemical reaction. Initially we will look at what a chemical reaction is, how we measure a chemical reaction and factors which effect the rate of a chemical reaction. We will then explore chemical equilibrium, dynamic equilibrium, and Le Chatelier's principle. I have used a wide range of movinganimationsand graphics to explain complex concepts, as I have found this helps in Chemistry. The essential core chemistry theory for each topic is covered clearly and in detail. II have used lots of illustrations and worked examples are used extensively to help your learning and understanding in Chemistry. Throughout the course, questions and exercises are integrated with theory to help you clarify and consolidate your understanding of new concepts in Chemistry. The course includes summary questions and a test in Chemical Equilibrium and Reaction Rates in Chemistry. I have provided detailed answers to all the Chemistry questions in this course to provide you with immediate feedback and a means of enhancing your progress and understanding. By taking this course, you will start to love Chemistry. I will help build your understanding of Chemistry from the ground up.

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